Empowering you to make informed property decisions

The Home for Life program has been developed by Lodge Real Estate and Age Concern Waikato to give older people the tools, information and support needed to make smart decisions about their living arrangements. Now and in the future.

The heart of the program is a series of seminars that cover a range of topics. Issues that may prompt a move, the opportunities to be considered, preparing your property, and what to expect when it comes time to sell. You'll get the chance to discuss your own circumstances and receive helpful, unbiased, professional advice.  

Next Seminar: Preparing your Property

Lodge Auction Rooms, 935 Victoria St

18th August 2022 - 2.30pm


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Neil Archer & Gemma Lewell

A former builder, Neil has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to home improvement while Gemma is a savvy marketer and professional communicator. Both are genuinely committed to helping the older community understand their property options so they can make positive steps to improve their lifestyle.


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Sara Farmer

Sara is the Executive Officer at Age Concern Waikato. She is committed to helping older people enjoy the best quality of life possible by providing access to the information and tools needed to make the right choices for them. Her background in dementia education and supporting older people to find solutions to complex family circumstances means she is well-equipped to help people find solutions and is well-versed in the changing needs of people as they age.