Al-Fayed Khan

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Al-Fayed Khan

Residential Sales Consultant Dinsdale

As a former leading jewellery sales manager, I’ve learned …

1. We’re all human, and when we’re after service, we all want to be treated with first-class attention, respect, and honesty.
2. We all have different upbringings, circumstances, and probably come from a variety of cultural backgrounds.
3. We’ve certainly all got different emotional triggers, and we’re likely to possess our own, unique, sense of style.

So little surprise then, that when we see a piece of bling that’s ‘just the right fit’ for us, it catches our eye. We want to touch it, we want to try it on.

We’re placing value on it, and we’ll pay the right price for it.

Because it’s the right fit. It’s personal.

The way I see things, the same analogy applies to real estate. Match the right person to the right property, and the home will almost sell itself. It’ll go for the right price, and it’ll be gone by lunchtime.

My name is Al-Fayed Khan, and I’m determined to make my mark in Hamilton’s residential property scene. I’m young, energetic, and hungry for business.

I believe in providing the best possible service and creating a positive, honest and friendly environment for my customers. I have a genuine interest and passion for excellent customer service and I’m constantly making observations about what separates excellent service from average service across all types of businesses.

My big take-out is that great service is not necessarily about possessing the most experience – rather, it’s about valuing every customer: taking care of them, leading them, guiding them, reassuring them, understanding them.

It’s when everything goes smoothly that you know you’ve succeeded. No hiccups, no surprises. Just an easy, natural, sale. If the homework is done, the house (like the piece of jewellery) will market itself to the right audience.

My goal is to understand my pool of buyers better than the vendors who I’m acting on behalf of. That way I can find the right person for the right property, and get the right price. Listening to the buyer is key to the sales process, and this provides important cues and signals along the way.

That’s not to say I’ll be communicating any less with my vendors/clients – good customer service demands constant feedback. My brief is to be clear on the objectives and goals of the seller, and to be single-minded about fulfilling expectations.

I am patient, hard-working, and thorough, and you should expect me to go the extra mile as I set out to prove my worth to you.

Drop me a line via my email or text via my phone, or simply call me to discuss how I can get your next property sold or bought.

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