Western Heights

Population (Census 2013) 2,174
Highest Sale* (December 2014) $710,000
Median Sale* (2014) $435,000
No. of Sales* (2014) 46
( *REINZ Statistics)

For Sale in Western Heights


The Western slopes of Dinsdale were subdivided during the 1990s. Popular sites were snapped up as they provided elevation and an interesting outlook to the hinterland.

Real Estate & Design

Larger, spacious modern homes of brick or stucco construction are typical in the area. Many have been designed to take advantage of expansive views while some have needed to be cleverly engineered on to interesting sites.


Convenience and speciality shopping is available at Grandview or Dinsdale Malls approximately 2 km from Western Heights. Two supermarkets are available in Dinsdale.

Restaurants & Cafes

A leisurely walk down Dinsdale road from Newcastle Road brings you to the Dinsdale shops, which include convenience food outlets such as bakeries and the Pizza Hutt. You will find one of the best coffees in the city at Caf Vito on the Dinsdale roundabout. Behind the Lodge Dinsdale branch you will find the Dinsdale Office, a bar which does superb meals with an ale or wine. Down the road the Dinsdale Tavern offers traditional fare such as roast meals for eat in or take away.

Sports & Fitness

As a Modern subdivision Western Heights benefits from planned open spaces. Derek Heather Park off Grandview Road and Te Kootii Park are popular recreation sites.

Schools & Education

Aberdeen Primary on Aberdeen Drive is a popular choice for Western Heights parents. However, watch the zoning as not all streets are included. Nawton School on Grandview Road is another option. Fraser High School is only a short walk along Ellicott Road for Western Heights high school pupils.

Distance from CBD

Around 5km from the CBD access into the city is relatively simple as there are no bridges to cross. A taxi should cost around $20 from the city. If youre bussing take the Route 3 bus to Dinsdale and get off on Newcastle Road, Western Heights Road, Grandview Road or Bartholomew Drive.

Key Attractions

Sitting on the Western slopes of Dinsdale the suburb offers elevated outlooks over hinterland from many homes. A modern suburb on the outskirts of Hamilton with easy access from the city to Raglan. A suburb without any through roads makes it a peaceful place to live away from the hustle of the city.