Melville / Glenview

Population (Census 2013) 15,215
Highest Sale* (May 2015) $930,000
Median Sale* (Glenview) $340,000
Median Sale* (Melville - 2014) $270,000
No. of Sales* (Glenview) 148
No. of Sales* (Melville - 2014) 170
Median Rent (for 3 bedroom home trailing 6 months Deanwell / Melville / Fitzroy) $340 per week
( *REINZ Statistics)

For Sale in Melville / Glenview


Melville was named after the districts pioneer J Melville who lived in 1904 opposite the site of Melville Primary School. The Hospital paved the way for a great deal of development throughout the Melville area. Opened in 1887 the area quickly became known as Hospital Hill although it was not added to the Hamilton Borough until 1936. Hamilton city extended its boundaries to Collins Road, Melville in 1954 and again in 1962 to Houchens Road, Glenview and Dixon Road, Glenview. In 1960 Melville gained Hamiltons 4th suburban post office which was followed in 1964 with the opening of Melville High School. The facilities in Melville reflected the significant growth of Melville / Glenview throughout the 1950s.

Today the Melville / Glenview area continues to develop. The area of Peacocks Road still has developmental potential when services are upgraded to cater for this area of Melville / Glenview.

Housing & Real Estate

The range of housing throughout the Melville / Glenview suburb is quite diverse. From the modest state houses in Melville through to larger more modern homes throughout the Houchens Road, Glenview area, Melville/Glenview has a property for everyone.


Convenience and speciality shopping in Melville can be found at shops in Bader Street, on the corner of Urlich Avenue & Ohaupo Road and at Lambert Court, while the Glenview Shopping Centre caters for most shopping requirements.

Restaurants & Cafes

The Glenview Club on Peacockes Road is a popular watering hole for Melville and Glenview locals and for many it is within easy walking distance.With a wonderful outlook over the river it is a peaceful place in Melville to enjoy a meal, beer, game of pool or a flutter on the pokies.

Sports & Fitness

The Gallagher Aquatic Centre in Melville is open from 6am 9pm throughout the week for swimming. You can learn to swim as lessons are available, or swim for fun. Melville and Glenview have a number of parks for open space activities including Mahoe, Deanwell, Stan Heather, Resthills and Te Anau parks. The skateboard bowl in Melville Park offers hours of fun for young people.

Schools & Education

Melville, Glenview, Deanwell & Richmond Primary Schools cater for children from 5 10 years old. St Pius X School is a Catholic primary school in Pine Avenue. Melville Intermediate and Melville High School sit side by side between Collins Road and Mt View Road.

Distance from CBD

From the Transport Centre Route 6 to Melville takes you through Mahoe Street onto Deanwell Ave and on to Resthills Road in Glenview. Route 7 takes a track through Glenview Terrace, up to Garden Heights and onto Houchens Road. The Fitzroy route 12 runs through Ulrich Avenue to Bader Street and onto Fitzroy Road. Cab fares to Melville or Glenview vary but should be about $20 as the suburb sits approximately 4km from the CBD.

Key Attractions

Sitting at the southern end of the city Melville and Glenview appeal to those who need to be close to the airport or hospital. Close-knit communities exist within the neighbourhoods of Melville and Glenview, which appeals to young families. Many people who settle in the Melville and Glenview area upgrade within the suburb, adding testament to the charm of Glenview / Melville.