Hamilton East

Population (Census 2013) 8,178
Highest Sale* (June 2012) $1,580,000
Median Sale* (2015) $405,000
No. of Sales* (Jan - Oct 2014) 207
Median Rent (For 3 bedroom home trailing 6 months) $360 per week
( *REINZ Statistics)

For Sale in Hamilton East


The East side of Kirikiriroa was originally settled during the Waikato Wars by the 4th Regiment as a military outpost. Together with the West it was the first settlement in Hamilton which was named by Colonel Moule after Captain Hamilton from the HMS ESK who died in the battle of Gate Pa. A Colonel Steele had recruited the militia from Sydney and the area now known as Steele Park (named after him) was originally called Sydney Square. The first store on the corner of Cook & Grey Street was built in 1871. The Hamilton East school was built in 1872 for the population of 400 people.

From the 1870s until the mid-20th century, Hamilton East was sometimes known as ‘Irishtown’. This was due to the large concentration of militiamen who settled there who were of Irish descent, and many other Irish Catholics who came to live near the Catholic Church and convent.

Up until the turn of the century developing the city was a slow hard slog. Military men who were not well versed in cultivating the tough terrain were farming the land surrounding the city. This changed when farmers from Taranaki and Canterbury moved to the area, bringing specialist farming knowledge with them. They enriched the soils and drained the swampy peat land surrounding Hamilton. Hamilton East prospered as a supply town to these farms and the population boomed.

Today Hamilton East is a bustling cosmopolitan village popular for its character homes and proximity to the city. Approximately 25% of the Hamilton East population were born outside New Zealand.

Notable Landmarks

One of Hamiltons most historic homes, Greenslade House (originally named Wairere), rests beside the river at the beginning of Wellington Street. It was designed by architect John Warren who was also the architect of Waikato Hospital. Over 100 joiners were involved in the construction of the house which was built in 1910 by the former MP of Waikato.

The War Memorial at Memorial Park commemorates soldiers who fought in both world wars.

The Hamilton Gardens along Cobham Drive is the regions most popular tourist attraction with over 600,000 visitors from around the globe each year. Set on 58 hectares beside the river the unique theme of Hamilton Gardens is '’the story of gardens’' which is explored through a series of five garden collections.

There has been a church on the current Cathedral site since 1911.

Beale Cottage, on the corner of Beale and Grey Streets, is one of Hamilton's oldest remaining dwellings. Owned by the city's first doctor Bernard Beale who moved out when it became too small for his family of 12 children.

Real Estate

Hamilton East is characterised by popular villas and bungalows built early in the 20th century. Many of them have been renovated to include modern amenities. However, most owners bought the houses to recapture the nostalgia of the era. The high studs, exposed native timbers and distinctive craftsmanship, which typify these homes, are often preserved by owners sympathetic to the period.

Hamilton East is one of the few Hamilton suburbs to have a street grid plan - like a mini New York City.

There are also numbers of ex-state owned homes particularly in the area of Hayes Paddock. The real estate these houses sit upon being close to the river and Hamilton East village make them popular. Most are not ideally suited to modern living and many have been modified to suit todays lifestyle. However, development in the area is protected by Hamilton City Council rules to preserve the areas special character.

During the 1970’s blocks of flats were introduced to the Hamilton East area. Pepper potted throughout the suburb these allowed for higher density housing and today provide some of the cosmopolitan diversity in the area.


The Hamilton East Shops create a village type atmosphere. They include specialty fashion shops through to hardware retailers. You will also find the Hamilton East residential branch of Lodge Real Estate and Lodge City Rentals for all your rental needs in this block.

Restaurants & Cafes

Hamilton East is a popular cafe district. Cafe 547 on Grey Street, Rocket Cafe and Grey St Kitchen on the Hamilton East shopping strip, Zigalinis on the corner of Grey and Wellington streets and Hydro Magestic in Hayes Paddock are popular places to meet and enjoy coffee and fine cafe cuisine.

The Cook & The Eastside are two popular bars which also offer a varied bar menu. Students and business people mix easily in the fun casual atmosphere created by both of these central bars.

Sports & Fitness

Touch Rugby is played on Fridays at Steele Park.

Galloway Park is alive with Cricket every Saturday and most Sundays throughout the summer.

Waikato Tennis is domiciled at Lugton Park. You can join as a member or pay to play casually throughout the year on one of their 25 tennis, including 3 indoor courts or 3 squash courts.

Schools & Education

Hamilton East is home to some of Hamiltons most popular schools. Hamilton East Primary School is possibly Hamiltons oldest school on the corner of Grey and Dawson streets. Another popular primary school particularly for catholic children in the area is Marian School in the centre of Hamilton East.

Intermediate age children from the area are catered for at Peachgrove Intermediate in nearby Claudelands.

Sacred Heart Girls College is Hamiltons only catholic high school for girls and is centrally located opposite Marion Primary School. Hamilton Boys High School on Peachgrove Road  has a history dating back to 1903. It employs a geographical zone to restrict numbers attending. Check with the school or your Lodge salesperson for the properties included within the zone.(HBHS Zone map)

Distance from CBD

A short walk from the centre of Hamilton East shopping centre across the Victoria Bridge into the CBD approx 2kms. Alternatively it is about $10 to catch a cab. Buses run at regular intervals to the city or out to the University and Hillcrest.

Key Attractions

As part of Hamiltons original township Hamilton East is an idyllic historic suburb with leafy streets and character housing creating a village type feel. Residents are also attracted to the area for its central proximity and the wide array of recreational pursuits and facilities available within the area. These include the Hamilton Gardens, popular River Walks, the Wellington Street beach, Parana Park and a riverboat ride upon the Waipa Delta.