The Big Move - Moving In


Contact the utility suppliers


Choose your supplier from the following companies that service Hamilton and the surrounding districts. You will be asked for identification; some may check your credit rating or ask for bond.

You’ll need to;

  • Give four working days notice

  • Give your forwarding address

  • Arrange to do a final reading at the address you’re leaving

  • Provide an accurate address (street address) to which you are moving

  • Give the date you’re leaving the old home and moving into the new one



Confirm with the gas retailer whether or not they supply the gas in your area. Some companies may ask for bond.



  • Phone 123 or go to and select “joining or moving”. Otherwise call your existing phone provider.

If there has previously been a phone connected in the house you are moving into;

  • Give Telecom at least three working days notice

  • Advise the date you’ll be leaving your home and moving into your new one

  • Let them know the services you have and new ones you’d like to set up

  • Arrange your free directory listing if needed

  • Confirm a date and time for your services to be set up and running

  • Check if there are any applicable charges

Have the following information handy:

  • Your account number or current phone number

  • The accurate street address you are moving to

  • The date you will be leaving your old home and moving into your new one.

If you are moving to a house that has not had phone services connected in the past, phone 123 well in advance of your move so Telecom can check if the service is available and arrange for any additional work required to connect your phone.


Arrange Insurance

Reduce the risk for your personal items while in transit by arranging insurance for the big move. You’ll also want to make sure the new house is covered from settlement day and that all of your belongings are protected at the new address.


Be ready to clean

Before you unpack your precious belongings, make sure the home is up to your cleaning standards. Hopefully the previous owners have already done most of the grunt work and left you with a sparkling home to move in to, but that’s not always the case. Take time to look in the cupboards and the drawers too and make sure they have been thoroughly wiped before you put your plates, cutlery and other household and personal items away.


Checklist – Your new home

  • Check that the gas, electricity, power and phone are connected before you move.

  • Check you have access to the new property before the removal truck arrives.

  • Ensure taps are available for washing machine connection.

  • Arrange for Sky TV and security systems to be connected.

  • Ensure there smoke alarms and picture hooks.

  • Get spare house key cut.

  • Make an insurance claim if any damage has occurred during the move.

  • Make sure you have milk in the fridge and a newspaper on the table.

  • Enjoy living in your new home!


Checklist – Unloading

  • Turn on power and water, remember to take new meter readings as well.

  • Get the “essentials” box out and get the tea and coffee sorted. If you run out of supplies, know where the nearest supermarket is.

  • Put the kids in charge of their own stuff – keep them busy and out of the way.

  • Supervise unloading and unpacking by the moving company.

  • Instruct your helpers where you want things to go, so you’re not left to shift heavy items later. Appoint someone to direct helpers as they carry things in.

  • Don’t try to unpack everything now – just stick to the essentials.

  • Have the Yellow Pages handy so you can order in takeaways for dinner.

  • Grab the bubbly that you kept in the chilly bin and toast your new house!

  • Say hello to your new neighbours.