Tenant FAQ

The Lodge property management team have compiled some answers to some questions we commonly hear. If you have a question which doesn't appear below you can call any of our property managers or email it to us in the space at the bottom of this page.

Are there any other payments before I move in?

Yes, you are required to pay one weeks rent in advance and a bond.

How much is the bond?

Four weeks rent. The bond is held in trust by the Bond Centre.

What happens to my bond at the end of the tenancy?

It is returned to you less any claims the landlord makes against it. These claims can include rent arrears, damages, cleaning, lawns & gardens and rubbish removal amongst others.

If you disagree with the amount a landlord claims you can apply to the tenancy tribunal to resolve the matter.

What's the difference between a fixed term tenancy and a periodic tenancy?

A fixed term tenancy cannot be terminated by either you or the landlord. It has a start and finish date and you are responsible for the rent for the entire term of the tenancy. It can be terminated sooner by mutual consent.

A periodic tenancy can be terminated by notice. You have to provide the landlord with 21 days written notice. The landlord must provide you written notice:

of 42 days if the property has been sold or if any of the landlord's family require the property for their own use.
of 90 days for any other reason.
If you wish to vacate before the 42 days or 90 days you will have to give the landlord 21 days written notice.

Can the rent rise during my tenancy?

Fixed Term: Yes, if it is written into the tenancy agreement.
Periodic: Yes

However, the rent cannot be increased within 180 days of the start of a tenancy or within 180 days after the last rent increase. The landlord is required to give you 60 days notice of the increase.

How often do you inspect the property?

By law there is no limit on how many times we can inspect a property however, you are to enjoy quiet occupation so more than once per month would seem unreasonable. As a rule we make two inspections per year if we find everything in order. We are required to give you 48hrs notice of any inspections. Inspections can only be carried out between 8.00am and 9.00pm.

What do I do if something needs repairing in the property?

Phone or email your property manager and tell them what the problem is. They will organise a contractor and arrange a suitable time with you to come around and complete the work.

What do I do if I have a complaint about my Property Manager?

Contact the General Manager David Kneebone on 021 743 204.

Can I find out more information about renting?

Yes, you can check out our handy Tenant Guide on responsibilities you may have while renting, and lots of other information.  Otherwise please feel free to contact our office on 959 0040 to ask us any questions you may have.