Property Management Services

People and property. At Lodge City Rentals, we’re in the business of protecting your property investment, but we’re also passionate about delivering a high quality service to property owners and tenants. 

With more than 50 years’ of experience in the property management industry, we know that to achieve the very best returns for our property investors, time needs to be spent securing the very best tenants. That’s why we work in partnership with tenants and property owners, and why we’re Hamilton’s award-winning property investment company.


Our services include:

At Lodge City Rentals, we offer a full range of property management services:

  • Rent collection: We ensure your tenants pay their rent on time, every time. If your tenants are behind in their rental payments, we’ll take the appropriate steps to ensure your rent is paid.
  • Inspections: We conduct a formal inspection of your property once every six months and provide a report of this inspection to you. As a landlord, you are most welcome to join your property manager on this inspection.
  • Property maintenance: We undertake regular maintenance checks on your property to keep it at a tenantable standard and to ensure your tenants are keeping the property clean and tidy.
  • Project management: If your property requires repairs and maintenance, we can project manage the process, taking the headache and hassle away from you
  • Industry knowledge: Our team live and breathe property here in Hamilton. We keep an eye on market trends and will update you on any legislative changes that could affect you and your property portfolio.
  • Tenant applications: Every month, our team of property managers generate over 1,400 enquiries. To secure the right tenant for your property, we follow a comprehensive application process which all tenants must complete. This includes credit and reference checks.
  • Property advertisements: We advertise your property at no extra cost in newspapers, on websites, and in the windows of our branches, to attract the best tenant for your property.


“We must walk in our tenants’ shoes to meet our owners’ objectives.”

David Kneebone, General Manager, Lodge City Rentals
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At Lodge City Rentals, property management is all we have been doing for more than 35 years. Our sister company, Lodge Real Estate can help you buy or sell property, while our team focuses solely on managing your property investment. That’s how we get our clients the best return on their investments.

Our team has significant experience and expertise in the Hamilton market, and know the best places to invest.

Not everyone needs a property manager. The question to ask is what are you trying to achieve through property investment? If your goal is wealth creation then your time is best spent focusing on building your portfolio, while experienced property managers take care of the rest.

If something needs repairing on your property, the tenant will typically contact their property manager to advise them of the problem. Depending on your instructions to us, we will contact you to seek instructions or, if you have given us permission, we will go right ahead and organise the maintenance. The property manager will contact one of our preferred contractors to complete repairs.



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