Lodge City Rentals management fees

As a property owner, you want to place your investment in the hands of a property manager you can trust. At Lodge City Rentals in Hamilton, protecting your investment drives everything we do. Our team of experienced property managers are committed, proactive and trustworthy. They look after your properties as if they are their own.


How much do we charge?

We understand your property investment portfolio is an investment in your future. That is why we only charge a management fee on the rent we collect for you. Lodge City Rentals’ fee is 8.5% + GST of the rent.

We collect the rent throughout the month and transfer it into your account at the beginning of each month. We also offer the option of a money transfer on the 15th of the month. To enable you to see the comings and goings each month we provide you with a monthly statement.


Advertising at no extra cost

At Lodge City Rentals, we advertise your property at no extra cost to you. Each week we advertise extensively in the Waikato Times property section and on www.lodgerentals.co.nz and www.realestate.co.nz. 

This approach has proved successful in ensuring we attract the best quality tenants. We don’t rent your house to anyone; we make sure your tenants respect your property as you would, and as we do.


“We must walk in our tenants’ shoes to meet our owners’ objectives.”

David Kneebone, General Manager, Lodge City Rentals
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Rental payments

We have developed a robust rental payment process to ensure your tenants pay their rent on time.


Property management performance guarantee

At Lodge City Rentals, we offer a full range of property management services:

  1. Every prospective tenant is interviewed in person.
  2. Your property is inspected regularly by our property managers and you will receive an annual written report detailing conditions and a recommended maintenance programme.
  3. We check your rental payments weekly.
  4. All ingoing tenants prepare a “Statement of property condition” form.
  5. All our payment records are stored digitally and available for your inspection at any time during office hours.
  6. Rentals will be direct credited to your bank account after the end of the month (but more often if requested).
  7. All tenant bonds are lodged with the Bond Centre at the Government’s Tenancy Services.
  8. A full property inspection is undertaken at the end of each tenancy. Any tribunal disputes are handled on the landlord’s behalf.

We offer a money back guarantee of three months’ fee if the property management service you receive falls short of our eight-point performance plan.




Before each tenancy, we review the rent against market rents to determine what we charge is in line with the market. We also regularly review the rent of all properties we manage.

Under the Residential Tenancies Act we are prevented from increasing the rent more than once every 180 days or within the first six months of a tenancy starting. We are also required to give the tenant 60 days written notice of an increase.

Our sister company Lodge Real Estate can help. Their salespeople are experienced at working with tenants to ensure you maximise the value of your sale. The sales team are also trained to ensure that your sale complies with the rights of the tenants. We work closely with them to make sure all your obligations are fulfilled.

It is a tenants responsibility to notify the property manager as soon as the tenant is aware that something needs repairing no matter how the damage was caused. Who pays for the repairs is dependant on how the damage was caused. Landlords are responsible for paying for damage arising from burglaries, natural causes (such as earthquakes or floods), and fair wear and tear. If the damage is intentional the landlord can ask the tenant to repair the damage or pay for the replacement if the damage cannot be repaired. If the damage is caused by the tenants carelessness and the cost of repair is covered by the landlords insurance the tenant cannot be asked to cover the cost of the repair nor pay for the excess.