Rent increase secured with Lodge City Rentals makeover

Experienced property manager, Toni Graham, manages seven properties for a landlord in Hamilton.

When the landlord’s sister was having trouble with tenants in her self-managed properties, she recommended the services of Toni and the Lodge City Rentals’ property management team.


The background

Toni remembers when her client’s sister phoned to say she was having trouble with tenants she had placed in her property.

“She was experiencing quite significant problems. The tenants were in arrears, people were sleeping in the garage, dogs were on the property when they were not permitted, and there were complaints from the neighbours about the state of the section.

“What’s more, there was rubbish all over the yard and on the curb-side. When I visited the property to see what state it was in I was absolutely disgusted,” says Toni.

Understandably, the landlord had had enough of managing the property herself and didn’t want to deal with it anymore. Toni agreed to take on the management of property and after her initial inspection, gave the tenant a 90-day notice to vacate the property. This notice was emailed and a letter handed to the tenant in person.


The challenge

The tenants moved out after the 90-day period but not without leaving their mark.

“They had left the entire contents from the inside of the property on the driveway and in and behind the garage,” recalls Toni. “There were couches and beds, kids’ car seats, chests of drawers, absolutely everything plus there were holes in the walls and broken windows.”

Toni reported the situation to the landlord who asked Toni to handle it. “I organised a contractor to come in and take everything away. It required four small truckloads. I then suggested to the landlord in addition to the repairs we needed to make to the property, it was time to give it a bit of makeover.

“She was great and agreed to everything we suggested.”

After the property was painted, the curtains replaced and a heat pump installed for warmth, the property passed the Lodge City Rentals criteria and Toni was able to achieve a rental increase too.”


The outcome

Previously, the property was rented out at $330 per week, but after repairs and improvements were made, Toni now collects $390 per week.

“The landlord couldn’t have been happier,” says Toni, “and it was great to be able to achieve such a positive outcome for her.”


Toni Graham

P: 07 959 0040

M: 021 242 3533