New arrivals make Hamilton home with help from Lodge City Rentals

Relocating a family halfway across the world can be filled with stress, anxiety and an endless stream of questions. But when Venessa Govender from South Africa needed a property to rent, Lodge City Rentals made the process both stress and hassle-free.

The background

After living in South Africa all her life, mother of two Venessa Govender needed a change. Venessa and husband, Ruban wanted a better lifestyle for their family and found it in Hamilton. Now all they needed was the perfect house.

“I had found an exciting and challenging job so I came out to New Zealand ahead of my family,” recalls Venessa. “But that also meant I was responsible for finding a place to live, schools for our son and daughter to attend, and the rest of it – all within four weeks. It was quite daunting and scary.”

Finding the right help

Venessa wanted to rent a property in a central location to make settling into Hamilton easy. However, her first contact with a lettings agent was disappointing.

“I gave them a brief on what my expectations were and what I was looking for. When the agent picked me up to do two viewings, neither matched my expectations. She didn’t listen to me and neither property was what I wanted.”

Then Venessa found Lodge City Rentals. “I met with property manager Wesley Laird and gave him the same brief. He called me the next morning and said, ‘I’ve got something for you’. The first property he showed me was perfect. It was within budget and it suited a family of four.”

Lodge go the extra mile

Despite being a homeowner in South Africa, Venessa found New Zealand’s property terminology different and confusing.

“There were little differences that muddied the water. For example, in South Africa ‘bond’ means mortgage payment, but Wesley always took the time to explain things to me in detail.

“He also gave me a welcome pack with everything I needed to know, from what happens if there’s a fire, to recommended electricians and plumbers. He talked me through the entire process: Wifi, telephone lines, gas - everything. I had so many questions. He made me feel comfortable and looked after.”

Within one week, Venessa was comfortably settled into her new home, and when her family arrived they couldn’t believe how easily it had all come together.

“It’s overwhelming coming to a new country but Lodge made the process so easy. They got in my comfort zone and listened to me.”


Wesley Laird

P: 07 959 0040

M: 021 455 679