Long search worth the effort to find good tenants

Not every house is easy to rent so when a property remained vacant for a period of time, Lodge City Rentals property manager, Matthew-Shane Berryman stepped up the search efforts.

The background

Three-bedroom homes in Hamilton are hot property for tenants looking for a house to rent, but a rowdy dog meant one Glenview property was proving hard to fill.

Lodge property manager, Matthew-Shane Berryman added the property to his books after the previous tenant left. “The home had been nicely refurbished with new paint and it’s in a nice, quiet area of the city but every time I took prospective tenants to view the property during the day, the neighbour’s dog barked constantly which was putting people off,” Matthew said.

The challenge

Understandably, the Auckland-based owners were getting concerned their property was vacant and they were missing out on rental income, so Matthew realised he needed to think of alternative strategies.

“I decided to organise viewings outside of our normal working hours as that was when the neighbours were home and the dog was inside.”

“The property was down a right of way and had a fully fenced section, plus a nice deck for entertaining so it certainly had some selling points. It was just a matter of finding the right tenants,” Matthew said.

The outcome

It took four weeks but Matthew eventually found a couple with a young child keen to rent the property. “Four weeks is much longer than usual for a property to stay vacant. Ideally we want to tenant them as quickly as possible, but throughout the whole process I kept in touch with the landlords in Auckland to ensure they were informed.”

“That communication was essential and something the landlords really valued. I sent them regular emails on how many viewings I was holding, potential tenants and the results of their reference checks, and when I was taking people through the property – either during work hours or outside,” said Matthew.

“They let me know that my communication throughout the whole process to keep them updated and consulted was really appreciated.”

As a property manager, Matthew said there are often times when he’s required to think outside the box to ensure he gets the best result for his landlord. “It’s part and parcel of the job. We’re here to protect our clients’ property investments and if that requires me working a few evenings then so be it. We want to find the right tenants for the right properties and will do what it takes to ensure that.”

“They let me know that my communication throughout the whole process to keep them updated and consulted was really appreciated.”


Matthew-Shane Berryman

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