Lodge property managers take on project management role for major renovation

When a landlord was left high and dry with a renovation only half completed, Lodge City Rentals property managers, Kate Taylor and Samantha Moore stepped in to see the project through.


The background

When Lodge sold a 3-bedroom property to an existing customer, the sales team referred the new owner to Lodge City Rentals.

Property managers Kate Taylor and Samantha Moore contacted the new owner but received no reply. “We continued to follow up regularly to ask about the progress to her home and remind her we were here,” said Kate.

The duo’s perseverance eventually paid off.


The challenge

“The owner replied to one of our emails and asked to meet us on site,” said Samantha. “She had purchased a do-up property and had contractors in to do a full renovation. This involved paint throughout; new carpet, tiles and wiring; a heat pump and new stove as well as a garden tidy and tree removal. However, the project manager had left the country and she had been left in the lurch.”

At the property, Kate and Samantha told the owner they could have all their contractors on site and got things underway.


The outcome

The renovations to the property took approximately eight weeks. Once completed, Kate and Samantha were able to rent it out for $390 per week to a prospective tenant who had previously missed out on a property.

“That’s another good reason why going through Lodge City Rentals is a great option as we are able to find suitable homes for good applicants,” says Samantha. “We rented the home without advertising and prior to completion.”

Once all the renovations were finished Kate and Samantha had one very happy owner. “Our role is to protect our clients’ property investments and to ensure they are well looked after,” adds Samantha. “In this case, that required us taking the project management lead on our landlord’s investment to ensure she didn’t miss out on too much rental income and to see her get value for money from the renovations she was undertaking.

The result was a fabulous property in Melville which has become a relatively easy rental for her.


“We took away all the stress and worry she was experiencing with the renovations, and made it easy for her to approve quotes.”

Samantha Moore

P: 07 959 0040

M: 021 061 1692

E: samantham@lodge.co.nz 



Kate Taylor

P: 07 959 0040

M: 027 531 5008

E: katet@lodge.co.nz