Lodge City Rentals property manager does the hard work on building repairs

When a tenant drove her car through the wall of her rented apartment, it had the potential to be a disaster. But, despite the considerable clean-up job for Lodge City Rentals property manager

Matthew-Shane Berryman, the landlords didn’t have to lift a finger.

The background

In his job, Matthew-Shane Berryman fields a lot of calls from prospective and existing tenants and landlords, but one particular phone call has stuck in his mind. “I had a very distraught tenant

on the end of the phone who had put her car into first gear instead of reverse, and driven straight into her apartment wall. It was a worst-case scenario situation and she didn’t know what to do.”

Dealing immediately with her concerns and ensuring she was OK herself, Lodge City Rentals property manager, Matthew-Shane organised a prompt inspection of the damage to the building.

The challenge                            

“Unfortunately, the tenant had crashed into one of the worst walls in the apartment complex. It had all of the electrical components for the block of units,” said Matthew-Shane.

“I had to liaise with Chorus, Ultrafast, an electrician, plus a maintenance team to get the power running and make sure it was all structurally fine. This took quite some project management, coordinating all of the different tradespeople and companies which needed to be involved.”

Matthew-Shane says getting the correct information was challenging too. “Liaising with the insurance companies and providing quotes was time-consuming, but with persistence and assertive communication we completed the work.”

The outcome

Within a month, Matthew-Shane had the wall, telecommunications and power back to new and with minimal disruption to the tenants in the block. “The owners saw the amount

of work I had to put in to rectify the situation and were really impressed,” said Matthew-Shane.

Lodge City Rentals client and property landlord Graham Walker said Matthew-Shane’s handling of the situation was “absolutely outstanding”. “The amount of work Matt had to do was probably

three times as much as we both expected,” says Graham. “The power supply, the internet supply and the builder, it ended up a massive amount of work, but Matt handled it with aplomb. We never felt it was a problem for us and yet I know it was a massive job for Matt. He handled it very professionally.”

“The owners were thankful they didn’t have to organise the repair of the building themselves.”


Matthew-Shane Berryman

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