Published on: 2015-09-07

Interior Design Tips for Home Sellers

Interior Design Tips for Home Sellers

If you are like most home sellers, you want to sell your home in a hassle-free way, as quickly as possible and for the highest price. However, even in the best possible scenario, you won't succeed unless you prepare your property. This means to make repairs and give your home a good facelift before you even put it for sale. Here are some great ideas to improve your interior and sell your home faster. Make sure to check them out.

 Improve Lighting

 Do all the lights work properly? Have a walk-through of your home and check the lighting. Replace broken light bulbs or dated light fixtures. There is a huge difference between vintage and outdated. Yet, believe it or not, most homebuyers are looking for neither. All they want is a functional and – probably – modern home.

 Update Bathroom

 One of the key areas to focus on when decorating is your bathroom. If your bathroom hasn't been refurbished in the past few years, consider giving it a facelift. Replace the tiles, invest in new cabinets, add more mirrors, change the shower and replace the faucets. Take special time to get rid of mold and mildew. It also goes without saying that your bathroom should be clean.

 If your budget doesn't allow a major facelift, stick with small changes such as replacing the shower curtain, toilet brush and the sink. Add white towels and a vase with fresh flowers to create a more cozy environment.

 Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

 Have you heard that a kitchen is the heart of the home? It's probably because homeowners spend most of their time there. Kitchens aren't used solely for cooking. It's the place where some families have breakfast, chitchat with friends or have a snack. It makes sense to redo your kitchen. Prospective buyers will want to see a nice, tidy and functional kitchen. You don't have to replace all cabinetry. A wise idea is to replace cabinet doors. This will give a breath of new life to your kitchen without draining your wallet.


 Repainting your whole house with similar colours can create a cohesive look. It doesn't mean paint all walls purple but to choose a color scheme in which all colors blend together. This is a great way to give your residence a facelift without breaking the bank. It also makes your home looks cleaner. You know, peeling paint doesn't look very appealing or clean. Not to mention, a good paint job will increase the value of your home. Clearly, there are many reasons to start painting right away, so why not do it?

 Replace Curtains

 New curtains will give your home a fresher look. They may breathe new life into a boring room, making it more cozy and beautiful. When redecorating, many people forget about these small things, but it's all in the details. It's true that prospective buyers will be more interested in a new kitchen layout and functioning faucets, however, they will also appreciate it that you took the time to take care of the smallest detail. So, don't forget to replace the curtains. Choose bright colors that go with the design of the room.

 Place Mirrors

 A mirror is a great tool to make dark rooms appear brighter and small rooms appear larger. It always works its magic on home interior. Place more mirrors around your home and it will look much, much better.

 Putting a property on the market requires some hard work in advance. If you play your cards right, you may get a higher price. Roll up your sleeves now.

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