Published on: 2014-11-17

Cambridge Real Estate Joins the Lodge Group

Cambridge Real Estate Joins the Lodge Group
Lodge Real Estate has purchased a stake in Cambridge Real Estate, partnering with well-known rural salesperson David Soar and existing shareholder Sherry Herkes.
Lodge Real Estate’s managing director, Jeremy O’Rourke, says the change in ownership will not result in any significant change to day-to-day activities at Cambridge Real Estate.
“Cambridge Real Estate has a great reputation among locals, and there's a strong performance culture there which doesn't need any tinkering with. Despite the acquisition, we want to assure people that Cambridge Real Estate’s brand and staff will remain as they currently are,” Mr O'Rourke said.
“Any changes will be subtle, and about the most significant change people will notice is that buyers will now have access to a full range of real estate options - in both Cambridge and Hamilton.”
Mr O’Rourke said that the geographical proximity of Cambridge and Hamilton means buyers naturally tend to look at property in both centres.
“Now, as part owners of Cambridge Real Estate, we can easily make referrals between teams at the two centres,” he said.
Cambridge Real Estate principal officer Gary Redgate said the team in Cambridge were highly enthusiastic about synergies that would result.
“Lodge Real Estate is regarded as the number one residential agency in Hamilton and we’re extremely pleased to now have this alliance with them.
“We are looking forward to tapping into the wealth of knowledge that Lodge Real Estate possesses, and use it to enhance what Cambridge Real Estate has already achieved in Cambridge. 
“We see the change in ownership as an advantage for the future of Cambridge Real Estate. Clients will benefit tremendously as far as variety goes,” he said.