Sam Williams Commercial Branch
931 Victoria Street
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  • Name: Sam Williams
  • Office: Commercial
  • Address: 931 Victoria Street
  • Email:
  • Phone B: 07 838 0042
  • Mobile: 027 446 3544


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Hi I’m Sam Williams, and it’s a pleasure to work with you to sell, purchase or lease your commercial property.

Commercial real estate is a natural fit for me. My background as a lawyer in New Zealand and the UK (specialising in property and commercial transactions), together with a number of years working in property consultancy, provides me with the kind of knowledge and acumen that many commercial real estate investors seek.

It’s my commitment to provide my clients with a proactive, energetic approach.

Of course, no two properties are the same, and to me that means each property deserves a tailored marketing campaign that highlights both the strengths and the potential of the property.

A good sales campaign requires a strategic approach. The goal is to reach a wide audience, but more importantly, I’ll work for you to pitch the property to specific targets that we believe will respond best to the property’s characteristics and features.

I will work alongside you to identify a clear, unique, selling proposition for the property, specifically developed to inspire thought and maximise interest among the target audience and our extensive networks.

Great service is the mantra many successful professionals promise; to me, at the heart of this is an absolute commitment to deliver on the promise – you can be sure that I will do what I have promised to do.

However, I also know great service can’t be achieved without a clear understanding of what that means to you, the client. Among my priorities in our initial meetings, will be to ask you what your expectations are, and for me to actively listen to how you’d ideally like to see the sales process unfold.

Communication is one of my strengths – I’ll strive to understand your objectives and keep you fully informed in an honest, open, and direct way.

Give me a call today and start me up. I’m result-driven, I’m trained to attend to the detail, and I offer you experience, intelligence, and professionalism.

Lets make things happen.