Stephanie Bormans City Branch
11 Ulster Street
(Branch Details)


  • Name: Stephanie Bormans
  • Office: City
  • Address: 11 Ulster Street
  • Email:
  • Phone B: 07 838 0044
  • Mobile: 027 928 2282


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Hi, I’m Stephanie Bormans and it’s a pleasure to act on my customers’ behalf to make their real estate sale (and/or purchase) happen.

I take great satisfaction in helping people fulfil their property goals or real estate dreams.

I’m an experienced real estate professional, and have personally bought and sold numerous houses, as well as owning an investment property.

I know common pitfalls to avoid, and I know how to market and capitalise on the various strengths that different homes possess.

Expect me to listen and to understand your wants and needs, before going to the market on your behalf. I’m highly motivated, and my enthusiasm will be matched only by my reliability, communication, and honesty.

Hamilton is progressing fast, and there are dozens of opportunities happening in the market each week. It’s a dynamic economy, and real estate is very much a part of that excitement, so getting involved in buying or selling is perfectly understandable (and perhaps inevitable).

But it’s true that shifting houses is among life’s biggest decisions, and with that comes the potential for stress.

My job is to significantly reduce, and possibly remove, the stress, while taking care of administrative detail, marketing, and the sale pitch to potential buyers (note: if you’re buying, my role will be to secure you the deal that best-fits your criteria, ahead of all competition for the same property).

I love working with people from the diversity of backgrounds that a growing city reflects. I also love working with different people in terms of their demographic profiles or generational life-stage; quite simply, there is abundant opportunity in Hamilton’s real estate market for everyone.

A bit about my personal background: I’m a Mum of five children, helped out by a wonderful husband. I have been a tutor co-ordinator for Japanese students on behalf of the New Zealand Institute of International Understanding, which involves teaching and guiding on local tours, adventures, and shopping.  I’m also former director of charitable organisation Life Teen South Pacific, which involved leadership training and public speaking.

I sold real-estate for a time in Tauranga, before leaving the job I loved to focus on raising my children.

But I’m glad to be back in this career, and I look forward to meeting you soon.

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