Securing the right tenant

Successful property investment is all about securing tenants prepared to pay market rentals over long term leases - our job is to secure those tenants for you.

In order for you to make an informed decision we advise on current market conditions such as:

  • Supply and demand
  • Competing developments
  • Rental levels
  • Market trends
  • Financial packages

Leasing commercial property space is about getting the best possible long term return on investment for an owner. There are a number of different business drivers which determine how a landlords achieves this. For instance some may be seeking a high quality anchor tenant, others will be driven by securing a long term lease, while others are concerned with finding a tenant that is compatible with the existing tenant profile. Our team listen carefully to your needs and tailor a solution that fits your situation while maximising your return.

We work for you

Lodge Commercial salespeople work for landlords. In a market where there is excess space available landlords need to be able to tailor their submissions as much as possible to individual tenants’ needs. Lodge Commercial agents are able to guide you through what can be a highly competitive negotiation process with prospective tenants, ensuring you obtain a beneficial result.

Do your homework

Good information begets good decision making. It’s important that landlords understand the following in order for them to make a good decision.

  • What are the prime motivators driving the tenant - cost, location, quality, inducements?
  • How critical is the timeframe?
  • Does the tenant need space planning assistance?
  • Are they ready to make a decision or is this the early stage of an ongoing programme?

Detail in the fine print

The detail of the documentation is another key part of the negotiation process that landlords need to have a firm understanding of. Standard commercial leasing documents contain a range of provisions which can raise different issues for landlords and tenants – it’s vital to have a good understanding of these so that the agreement can be tailored to suit individual needs. Examples of these provisions include:

  • Ratchet clauses 
  • Make-good provisions
  • Rent review controls
  • Renewals
  • Expansion and contraction provisions

Working with an experienced agent is the key to negotiating a workable lease arrangement that delivers the best result for both parties.