What are the roles in a body corporate?


Each owner of a unit in a unit title development is a member of the body corporate. 

Body corporate committee

The body corporate elects people to the body corporate committee during the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The body corporate decides what the committee is reponsible for. Decisions are made by the committee by majority vote.

Body corporate chairperson

An owner of a principal unit in the development is elected as chairperson at the AGM. Find out more about body corporate elections.

The chairperson looks after the administrative elements of the body corporate management. A professional manager such as Lodge Body Corporate may be contracted to carry out the duties of the chairperson, in accordance with the instructions of the chairperson or the committee.

Body corporate manager

To take the stress out of running the various administrative functions that a body corporate is responsible for a body corporate often appoints a body corporate manager.

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