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NZ Realtors Network Ltd


NZ Realtors Network members are independent real estate agencies who work together under the umbrella of the New Zealand Realtors Network. Because each member is independent, the relationship is open, collaborative and non-competitive. The Network enjoys close liaison with the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand and is governed by a board of representatives.

The Network reaches from Northland in the north to Invercargill in the south, with most areas in between covered by it's 17 members and 160+ offices. For the 12 months ending 31 March 2019, members achieved in excess of $13 billion in real estate sales.

From the city to the suburbs, from your home to the farm paddock, NZ Realtors Network members cover every aspect of the real estate business.

This allows Lodge to give you the assurance of expert advice and VIP treatment wherever in New Zealand you need real estate help. Click on any of the companies listed below and be directed to the website of a real estate expert with specialty local knowledge.

*Figures quoted relate to the year ended March 2019



Network Members

  1. Barfoot & Thompson
  2. Morley & Associates Ltd
  3. Richardsons Real Estate Ltd
  4. Whangamata Real Estate Ltd
  5. Lodge Real Estate
  6. Pastoral Realty
  7. Property Brokers Ltd
  8. TSB Realty
  9. McDonald Real Estate Ltd
  10. Tommy’s Real Estate Ltd
  11. The Agency Group
  12. Summit Real Estate Ltd
  13. Property Brokers Ltd, South Island
  14. Cowdy Real Estate
  15. Southland Real Estate Ltd
  16. Country & Co Realty
  17. Edinburgh Realty